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A Story for Parents

October 16th, 2007 by Admin

The Rest of the Way

There was a king who had a major disagreement with his son. The son, feeling angry and misunderstood, gathered his belongings and departed his father’s kingdom. The son traveled far away from his father and settled in a distant kingdom, where he lived his life. After many years had passed, the king, missing his son greatly, sent word for his son to come home. Although time had healed some of the pain, the son could not bring himself to return to his father’s kingdom. So he sent word that he would not come because it was too far to travel. The king replied to his son, “Then come as far as you can, and I will meet you the rest of the way”.

How do we as parents find the way to meet our  child the rest of the way? Getting there may mean traveling down a road filled with fear at every turn. But when it’s our child at the end of that road it’s one we need to take.

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